About DaMoer

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DaMoer is a long cherised  dream of Neo de Bono of the Moerwijk Cooperative to set-up a community ran kitchen and restaurant in combination with an edible garden and a food forest

DaMoer is located in the old little pancake farm next to Moerwijk Trainstation.

DaMoer the Dream
Just like it’s inspiration, Greens in Westbroekpark we we cook as much as possible with the vegetables from our own biodynamic vegetable garden, with respect for the seasons and of course taking into account the origin of the ingredients. Taste and purity as intended by nature.

DaMoer’s kitchen is artisanal and almost everything is homemade. A number of dishes change every season on the menu and some fresh products are sometimes just quite tasty as they are.

Every season there is a new menu with appropriate drinks. One part of the menu always remains the same, but the other part also depends on the season. In addition, the menu board in the restaurant offers different dishes each week ranging from ingredients that are from our own vegetable garden at that time and which of course can vary due to the weather and season. There is also always a vegetarian choice and a menu for children.

DaMoer’s Modern outdoor area
DaMoer is growing into a modern outdoor area where you can relax and enjoy a beautiful garden experience after your busy working day. Enjoy tasty products from the garden accompanied with a drink on the terrace, what more could you want as a city dweller?

The Garden of of DaMoer
As a visitor to DaMoer, you can completely relax in the flower garden. The garden consists of a 14 meter grass squared circle . At the edge of the circle, there are benches which have been put in place due to contributors providing to the garden. Behind it are lush borders with perennials and flowers that provide a different atmosphere in the garden within every season. The garden is maintained by volunteers from the Moerwijk Cooperative.

DaMoer Food Forest
At the end of the Garden we established a food forest. A food forest is a powerful way to grow food by mimicking the structure of a forest. That might sound a bit strange. A garden needs lots of sunlight, right!? But nature is a master of efficiency. By copying this natural structure, a food forest can help you work with nature to grow more food with less resources. 

DaMoer as a Social Concept
DaMoer is a social concept in a urban environment and the hart of 1 of the biggest ecological zones of The Hague. Consisting of a restaurant providing fresh ingredients in combination with an edible garden and  the food forest. This work is carried out by people with a distance to the labour market where it revolves around natural products that can also be found on the menu. Vegetable gardens, lush greenery, aromatic gardens and tea gardens blossom here. The restaurant serves delicious dishes and good coffee in a socially responsible manner and organises events that fit within these frameworks. Both the Garden and Food Forest of DaMoer is financed with part of the proceeds from the restaurant, which in turn takes care of the daily exploitation of the garden.

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